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"Mocktail" is a coined word that combines "mock" and "cocktail", which means to imitate, and is a new name for non-alcoholic cocktails. “Mocktails”, which are popular in London as alcohol-free drinks, are basically fruity and fashionable! It is a special drink that can be enjoyed by people who are not good at drinking alcohol and steering wheel keepers.

This time, please enjoy a special cup under the supervision of Yusuke Sugiyama, a cocktail specialist!


Mr. Yusuke Sugiyama PROFILE

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture,After graduating from high school, after 7 and a half years of training at BAR FLEUVE in Numazu City,

Moved to Tokyo at the age of 26 and opened BAR Softy in Kinshicho in 2008. This year marks the 13th anniversary.

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