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Sumida River/Oyokogawa Cherry Blossom Viewing Cruise

Sumida River "SAKURA" Cruise


​Limited to 9 people in 3 sets

Cherry blossom viewing spots that represent Tokyo
Oyoko River (near Monzen Nakacho)

This course departs from and arrives at Ryogoku and takes about 60 minutes to tour Oyokogawa (near Monzen-Nakacho), one of Tokyo's most famous cherry blossom viewing spots. We will guide you to a cruise limited to 3 groups with Champagne on a carefully selected private cruise ship.

*The course may change depending on the tide conditions.

​This plan includes boarding fees, drinks, and snacks.


Water taxi and limousine in Venice (pilot seat and cabin are separated to ensure private space)like a combination ofA one-of-a-kind, completely original river cruise ship.In addition to the interior design reminiscent of a hotel lounge, the open deck at the back offers a great sense of freedom.We will guide special customers limited to only 9 people to a higher-grade river cruise in a spacious ship with good ventilation. We won the Good Design Award in 2021.


​SAKURA Night Cruise

During the ​ night cruise, you can see the cherry blossoms illuminated at night.

*The course may change due to the influence of the tide.

Monnaka course flow.png
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