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2023 Fall Event Cruise


"East Tokyo City"special cruise



"Yanagibashi Komatsuya"Departing and landing, the impressive view hanging over the Kanda RiverHoly BridgeThis is a great value 30 minute cruise with a return stop (near Ochanomizu Station). The boarding fee includes a 500 yen Komatsuya shopping coupon!

Adults: 2,300 yen in advance, 22,500 yen on the day

Full moon cruise background.png

There's a full moon tonight

LUXURY Full Moon Cruise



LUXURY Full Moon Cruise

A special full moon cruise for up to 3 groups of 9 people, with free flow champagne and appetizers. For the first time, this is a 60-minute cruise departing from WATERS Takeshiba and enjoying the moon view and night view of the metropolis at Tokyo Port. The Champagne we offer is from Cattier, which produces Armand de Brignac. We use ``CATTIER BRUT PREMIER CRU'' Champagne produced by a long-established winery that has been in business for over 250 years.


Only accessible by boat​Onboard Bar"WATERBASE"

As the name suggests, WATERS departs from Takeshiba and takes you on a boat to the floating bar on the water. After spending 60 minutes at the onboard bar, enjoy a mini-cruise overlooking Tokyo Harbor. The boarding fee includes a glass of sparkling wine and drinks such as beer and highball.


​Can only be reached by boat​Bar on board

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