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A one-of-a-kind, completely original river cruise ship that is a combination of a water taxi in Venice and a limousine (where the cockpit and cabin are separated to ensure a private space) was born. In addition to the interior design reminiscent of a hotel lounge, the open deck at the back offers a great sense of freedom. We will guide special customers limited to only 12 people to a higher-grade river cruise in a spacious ship with good ventilation.

It is also used in the original experience program of luxury hotel Aman Tokyo.


The canals and tributaries that run through Tokyo have narrow river widths and many bridges with low girders, limiting the size of ships. I had to.

Therefore, we created fuel tanks and freshwater tanks that fit the shape of the bottom of the ship and implemented various ideas such as storing them under the floor near the center. I was able to achieve a comfortable ride with stable running performance.

All glass in the guest rooms is tempered glass. By adopting curved tempered glass, which is said to be difficult to process, for the side windows, you can enjoy a clear view while ensuring safety with excellent durability. In addition, the layout of the ship can be changed. In the case of charter, the table is placed in the center and the seats are facing the center. can also be avoided.


Please see the story until the ship is completed.

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